Our Father's House Christian Home
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Our Father's House... a unique ministry for the elderly

The name "Our Father's House"reflects the Bender family's belief that God wants the elderly to continue to be fathers and mothers to their families. Our Father's House is where the elderly are "elders at the city gate" for our community and our country by sharing the wisdom that they have acquired from a lifetime of experience.

                         Our Father's House...

The name "Our Father's House," also reflects the belief of the Benders that God intended for involvement of the family. Children and family are still able to "come home to our father's house." Family, community and church are made part of your family, and join in activities, meals, picnics and more.   
                           Our Father's House... 

Helping elderly persons continue to live their lives with purpose and meaning.
                         Our Father's House... 
Helping elderly persons find ways to share with others the wisdom God has given to them through a lifetime of experience. The Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20: 35
​      Two Options: 

  Independent Living


     24hr. Assisted 
     Living Facility
Our Father's House is owned and operated by The Bender Family who live on the campus as the  household oversight family 
The Campus of Our Father's House Christian Home
Rental of retirement cottages as low as $1400/month with utilities included 
​A different type of Continuing Care Retirement Community: 

1. A small cozy village of individual cottages.

2. A unique ministry type program for assisted living and full care needs.

3. A beautifully landscaped campus with a water fountain, gardens, walk ways, park benches and a pond with ducks and a gazebo 
Our Father's House Christian Home